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Services That We Offer.

Care Home Care Assistant Service

Home care Assistant Service

learning Disability Service

Dementia service

Bath ability Service

Handyman service

1: Care Home Care Assistant:

Our careers are trained to assist clients to remain as independent as possible. Kings UK Limited- [Care] providing care assistants to care homes all over the UK on permanently and temporary basis. 
Live in Care is beneficial for the individuals receiving care as they are able to remain in their familiar surroundings with high levels of supported care and companionship.
For their families it can provide comfort and peace of mind knowing their loved one has the support and companionship of a live in carer.
Live in care can also allow couples with differing care needs to remain living together in an environment they are familiar and comfortable in, whilst one or both receive the individual care and assistance they require. It can also allow individuals to keep their pets and belongings which, with their familiarity and memories, also provide comfort and security.
Live in care allows for individual choice about; what to eat, what time to go to bed, what to watch on television, when visitors can come over as well as allowing individuals to retain their social networks.
The benefits of live in care include assistance with domestic tasks and personal care, time to engage and provide companionship, the ability to provide the assistance required and promote retention and gaining of independence though daily living tasks and the security feature of knowing another person is residing within the property.

2: Home care Assistant Service:

Kings UK Limited- [Care] has gained a favourable reputation since it was established in 2003 for the high standards of care and nursing given by carefully selected staff to clients in their own homes (homecare), nursing and residential homes, hospitals, day centres, learning disability homes, rehabilitation units and many other organisations needing help in an emergency.
All our staffs is carefully selected professional, local people who are trained, fully referenced and undergo security screening as part of an Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check.
The recruitment and checking process for both Care Assistants and Registered Nurses fully meets the standards required by CQC (Care Quality Commission) The Agency is committed to providing and maintaining a quality service at competitive rates.
Our office is staffed by Registered Nurses or Qualified Health Care Assistants who co-operate fully with General Practitioners, Community Nurses, Social Services and other bodies as appropriate.
Personal Service, confidentiality, advice and help all form part of the Agency’s approach to total quality care over a twenty-four hour period, 365 days of the year.

3: learning Disability Service:

Here at Kings UK Limited- [Care] we believe that a person should be able to live independently and with dignity, regardless of their ability.
Many of our clients live with Learning Disabilities and use Kings UK care staff to help and support them to live their lives the way they choose. Some of our clients, by using Kings UK Care staff as facilitators, have gained qualifications, training and jobs. We have a few who pay for their care themselves from their salaries and have been able to move into their own accommodation to live more independently.
Here at Kings UK Limited- [Care] we like to talk with our clients, their careers, family members and anyone else important to our clients. With the information we can work out the best way to help and create a support plan that fits their life choices as precisely as possible.
We can also help clients to manage medication routines, any aspects of personal care, light house work, preparing meals or helping clients to prepare their own meals. Our services are designed to be as individual as our clients, from one hour per week to 24 hours a day.


4: Dementia service:

Dementia is a syndrome (a group of related symptoms) that is associated with an on-going decline of the brain and its abilities. These include:

  • memory
  • thinking
  • language
  • understanding
  • judgement

People with dementia may also become apathetic, have problems controlling their emotions or behaving appropriately in social situations. Aspects of their personality may change or they may see or hear things that other people do not, or have false beliefs.
Most cases of dementia are caused by damage to the structure of the brain. People with dementia usually need help from friends or relatives, including help in making decisions.
Our care assistant fully train and qualify for dementia people in care home or own homes.

5: Bath ability Service:

This is a regular bathing/shower service for people in their own homes. An experienced support worker will be provided to help the individual in and out of the bath/shower with minimal assistance. The service is normally provided on a weekly basis, although we can offer extra visits subject to staff availability.
A Field Care Supervisor will visit you at home (free of charge) to carry out a comprehensive assessment to ensure suitability for the bath ability service and to advise on any bath/shower aids that may be required for safety. After the initial assessment you will be contacted and advised of a mutually convenient date and time that the service can be offered.
The cost for this service is normally based on a visit of up to 40/60 minute which is invoiced on a 4 weekly basis. Please contact us for our current charges.
Referrals are accepted from:

  • Individuals (self-referrals), their relatives or representatives
  • District Nurses
  • General Practitioners
  • Hospitals
  • Social Services



6: Handyman service:

Many elderly people worry about minor repairs and maintenance jobs because they find it difficult to manage themselves, or they feel vulnerable when admitting tradesmen into their homes or they cannot afford the hourly rates asked by trades people, or because they feel vulnerable when admitting them to their homes.
Kings UK Limited -[Care and Nursing] Agency's Handyman Service can help you with gardening and property maintenance, by a person you can trust, at an affordable price.
All work is undertaken for a simple hourly rate (plus any materials) by experienced staffs that are checked through by the Disclosure and Barring Service. Below is a sample of the type of work undertaken?

  • Grass cutting, hedge trimming and fencing
  • Fitting of key safes, security chains, grab rails and smoke alarms
  • Pruning, weeding and tidying
  • Small repairs and adaptations for the elderly/disabled
  • Pressure washing paths, patios and driveways
  • Fix curtain rails and shelves
  • Painting and decorating
  • General repairs and maintenance
  • No job too big or too small
  • All debris removed at no extra cost